2023 Black Dog Hunting Annual Fundraising Goal

Black Dog Hunting is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization (www.blackdoghunting.org) whose mission is  "... to connect and heal Military Veterans through the sport of waterfowl hunting while providing an environment of peer-based mentoring and counseling.  We do this across the country with a focus on mental health, providing once in a lifetime peer-based experiences in the outdoors."  

Every year, we coordinate with FowlCo Outfitters to host our keystone event, a three day/two night waterfowl hunt for 11 veterans.  Through fundraising and donations, Black Dog Hunting covers the lodge fee, two days of hunting, ammunition, and firearms.   

Although hunting is a key activity during the event, the primary reason Black Dog provides this opportunity is to give veterans the opportunity to re-connect with fellow veterans.  At the lodge, our time is spent discussing our personal experiences, including challenges we have faced after leaving our respective service.

100% of the money raised by Black Dog Hunting is used in support of the veterans it serves.  There are no overhead costs and we are a staff of volunteers. 

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